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Billy Bones From A Walk Through The Mind Podcast

I have been looking foreword to getting Billy on for some time now. We had a great time going over his big move from the west to the east. His time back in the public school system, and his time on local radio. Cars, wood working and pro audio. You know we had to talk podcasting t. Form V4V to podcasting 2.0. If you have any question please reach out to me are Billy to get you set up on 2.0 features. Have a look at his web site and go listen to his show. 

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HogStory - 5 Minute Limit

Hog Story #322 – Butt Fifty – Exec. Prods., Exec. Prods., nodebit, voidzero, SirBemrose, BillyBon3s, HeyCitizen, cbrooklyn112, countsf, ablekirby, NetNed – Carolyn and Fletcher go live after No Agenda and are joined in the smoker by BillyBon3s from the podcast A Walk Through the Mind. TERRESTRIAL SILICON CHIP

Bowls with Buds

BillyBon3s of A Walk Through the Mind joins Spencer and Laurien in the Bowl for his first Bowls With Buds!
Thank you to the Bowl After Bowl Episode 195 Executive Producers: Boo-Bury, Boolysteed, harvhat, SirVo, NetNed, NA Millennial

Ms Informed Nation

BillyBon3s, Sir SirSeatSitter, and Boo-Bury highlight love and miss justice. Maybe it's Maybelline, maybe it's malpractice. We have nothing to hide on this episode!
Annnnnd if we did, I'm sure traffic lights, Express Lanes, free public wi-fi, shady bluetooth connects, Feedbag posts, people searches, website history, GPS location data services, geocaching, or maybe even a snitch ass neighbor would have us covered.


Hog Story #207 – Pretty Pretty – Exec. Prods., nodebit, voidzero, BillyBon3s – Carolyn and Fletcher are joined by BillyBon3s in the smoker. BillyBon3s does a show called A Walk Through The Mind check it out!

Ms Informed NAtion

08 - Silly Carbon
Despite the constant insistence of Boo Bury that this is episode 7, ignore his lies. It's number 8 with BillyBon3s comin' in swinging! GWFF the KoK hangs till the witching hour as we explore more shows!

Behind the Sch3m3s

Watch out left coast, prepare thyself, cuz in comes the best coast!




It’s BillyBon3s, here to lay down not THE truth, but his very own estimation of the truth! It’s that good shit we’re coming back for more of. From bad policies to bad extraspacial deals, BillyBon3s walks Boo-Bury and Lavish thru all the corridors, but we very much ensure not to film any of it.

Grab your “invisibility blankets”, and enjoy one hell of a show tonight on Behind The Sch3m3s!

Hahaha a pharma company is taking heat for sharing the “PillBillies” song. Hahahaha. Fuck them.

13 Questions

"Wisdom delivered for the 21st century. Interviewing someone different every episode, some average, some not. Our goal is to be of service to everyone, men especially, to identify actionable wisdom received from out ancestors and/or role models and then share that info with others to encourage us to be the best possible versions of ourselves and thereby set an example to those around us. Join us as we learn about relationships, fatherhood, responsibilities, beliefs, and how we might be better for those we care about."

Grumpy Old Bens

A special New Year’s Day episode of the Grumpiest Podcast in the Universe! Billybon3s of the Walk Through the Mind podcast joins us for a discussion of the current state of the world, how Bill Gates wanted to block out the sun, how education is changing due to the Covid-19 virus, the free speech of students, and much more!


Hog Story #133 – Dark Fork – John and Carolyn are joined in the smoker by none other than BillyBon3s!

Abs 'N A 6-Pack

A chat about the prison industry with Billy Bon3s

Culture War Radio

#79: A Walk Through the Mind of Billy Bon3s

Abs 'N A 6-Pack

Billy Bones of joins us!
Check out his website and his soundcloud.
Ending songs and mixes by @BillyBon3s.

Hog Story

Hog Story #93 Dead Whole – Carolyn and John sit down with BillyBon3s in the smoker!

Grumpy Old Bens

Billybon3s of “A Walk Through The Mind” joins us for another bonus Monday episode of the Grumpiest Podcast in the Universe! We discuss the shutting down of Dick Masterson’s Patreon alternative and the massive amount of control MasterCard has over the world. We also bash TikTok, Washington State, and cyanide bombs.

Hog Story

Carolyn and John hangout and have a casual conversation with BillyBon3s! We discuss so many things, I can’t list them all here.

TruFaux Sho

004 - Billy Bon3s pontificates upon the theory that we all live on a roundish shaped planet. Oddly, I tend to believe him. I tried a few times to lure a flatter out of their hiding spots, but to no avail. And honestly, I felt a little unsafe lurking, in depths of the "chats", looking for someone to rationally explain flat earth. I got threats instead. They seem to be a testy bunch. I"ll keep trying when I get better firewalls but, until then, I figured you should at least have Billy's take to ponder.

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