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Cancel Culture

At the begining of June, 2020, Harper's Magazine released a letter conerning the excessive use of Cancel Culture and it's destruction of civil discourse to discuss proper actions to advance conversations. A response letter was written, citing the examples used in the original letter weren't expanded enough upon, and there was merrit to some of the actions. But what about when a business or an individual goes too far? What if they don't properly preempt the Cancelation? A local zoo took preemptive steps when something was brought up to them, but did they go too far too quick?
Original Letter
Response Letter:
NPR 1A Podcast/Sound Clips:
Interview at 1:22-15:13:

Vacation Projects

I've been on vacation this week, and I have unplugged from the world of current events and serious topics. I would like to share insight gained from all the work that I have done this week.

Voting for a Sheriff

Here in King County, the County Council is suggesting that we give up our right to vote for a sheriff and
let the council install whom they best feel will fit the position. This lead to a conversation with a
friend this past weekend regarding who we vote for and the amount of people we vote for. A balance of
personal relaxation time and that of an informed citizen who intends to vote.
Map of King County Council Districts:
"Uniformed Voters are a Problem:"

School for COVID Kids

The new corona virus of 2020 had shut down our schools earlier this year. It is almost time to start the regular school year up again, and the questions are swirling to ask if we should open the schools again or keep our kids locked in our homes until it is safe to go outside again. Looking at a study between Finnland and Sweden and the infection rates of their children, and then questioning potential side effects of keeping them home, maybe we can get the questions rolling in our own minds as for what to do.

Red Scare 2020

I met a customer this week that had told me his story of coming to America, fleeing Castro's Cuba. He
shared his fears of what he sees going on within the USA as being comparable to what happened back then.
Do we have such a similar system that such events could fully transpire here? Are we back into a
McCarthy, Red Scare, era; to call everyone out who's against the mainstream thought process?
Maximo Alvarez:

Amending Phrases in Social Media

In this day of heightened feelings around words, Twitter has made a press release announcing they are
going through their programming to change certain words because of current negative connotation. Is
there an equal conversation on both sides of the words to be changed? At what point does it stop? With
all the "offensive" words going through our lexicon today, we can go so far as to compare with Reddit of
yesteryear, and the actions that are taking place in the present.
Twitter's New Programming Words:
NY Times interview with Reddit CEO
Reddit account suspension:

A Flag, to Statues, to Speech

On Sunday, June 21, a NASCAR driver, who had been petitioning to remove the Confederate Battle Flag from
the sport, found a noose in his garage, sparking a heated debate on the flag and white supremacy. What
does that flag really mean? Does it specifically equate to "hate speech?" Can the image of the flag
evolve, and does it have to specifically mean only one thing? At what point must all things be removed
because they evoke such fears of hate? Is there a learning point for us to evolve any conversations? Do
all things bred out of such negativity always maintain that level of negativeity?

Stateside Terrorism

President Trump wants to desginate Antifa as a terrorist organization. Is this a good idea; are there
negative implications to this? Do they qualify as an organization? What tactics do they use to enforce
their ideology?
John Brown Gun Club:
Not here to peacefully protest:
Tehran "I Can't Breathe" exhibit:
John Brown Gun Club member kit stolen:
Congressional Dish:
Grimerica - Portland Discussion at 20:19-28:00

6 Blocks of Demonstrations

Due to the death of George Floyd, leading to the spark of protests to riots, a section of downtown Seattle has barricaded itsself into it's own policed zone. An act of protest to push reforms within police departments and city involvment. Where does this standoff end? How do we push and advance negotioations? How does a society live within a society?
Rollin Stones Free Concert:
Demands of the people in CHAZ:
Self Policing in CHAZ:
Seattle PO on individual's rights 2020-05-07:
Jay Inslee's on CHAZ
Gary Johnson on Aleppo:
Moe Factz #27
Seattle Police chief closing down the department 2020-06-11.
Time Stamp: 21:04-21:34
Assistant Chief Deanna Nollette on Checkpoints and Extorsion 2020-06-11

Protests to Riots

On May 25, 2020, a police officer killed a man named George Floyd by kneeling on his neck. Outrage has
quickly formed, sparking protests around the country. Some of these protests have turned to rioting and
looting. People blame the police for starting the voilence, and others blame the protesters. Who's
right in all of this? Are there bad actors on either side?
2014-2015 Study on Police Killings:
Another Study on Police Killings: 80222/
Book Mentioned: Savage Inequalities, by Jonathan Kozol
Someone handing out bricks during the riots:
Bellevue Police Chief Interview and Time Stamps:
Time: 20:08-26:00
Time: 1:44-8:15

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