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Episodes 11-20

Thugs or Mafias?

I talk about the cultural differences between "Thug" style gangs and "Mafia" style gangs. My big question: "Who would I rather live next to?"
Link to the article that inspired this thought:


I share some ideas in regards to who and what politicians do and promise.

Cooking with Cast Iron

Does cooking with cast iron translate into a deeper resepct in cooking food?

Balancing the Checkbook

When's the last time you balanced your checkbook? Do we even talk about money management any more? I share my insight on balancing the checkbook.

Ameteur Astronomy

I share some of my experiences as an amateur astronomer. I also talk about both telescopes I have used to look at the starry sky: FirstScope and Astromaster70EQ; both by Celestron.

New Robber Barrons?

    I question Amazon's purchase of an online pharmaceutical distribution company and the possible effects and outcomes.
    Robber Barrons:
    Amazon Buys Online Pharmaceutical Company:

Charitable Donations vs Forced Donations

I attempt to cover the the differences of charitible and forced donations and their respective places in society.
I bring up in regards to helping find a good charitable organization.

Who Owns the Data?

An Upside to the Military Inudstrial Complex?

I question a positive outlook on the Military Industrail Complex that Eisenhower spoke of.
Link to YouTube Eisenhower Speech:
Link to transcript of the Speech:


Due to recent news at the time of the recording, I break down some thoughts on Unions.

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