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An Oath of Allegiance

Every morning in school, we say The Pledge of Allegiance. Why do we do it? Why should we stand and
salute a piece of cloth?

The Electoral College

Why do we have the Electoral College? Why not just go with a popular vote?

Long Term Effects of the Corona Shutdown

Still in a form of lockdown, and looking at past news programs, I question how decisions should be made? How should the Federal government make monetary decisions to support businesses? How much should be shuffled down to the States? At what point does our focus on the Corona virus distract us from the other problems on the horizon through the lockdown?
Dr. David Katz article:
WA Unemployment Scandal
VICE Season 7, episodes 8 & 9

A Busy Day in America

I saw a meme, or at least an artistic derivative, of a Richard Scary Cartoon, which cites everything that
appears to be going on in "Trump's America." Would all of this be going on if Trump weren't president?
How much can things be over blown if they're excessively focused on? At what point do we need to focus
on our immediate surroundings as opposed to the global outlook? How addicitve is social media?
Richard Scary Meme:
Richard Scary "Busy Town" example:
No Agenda Social/Mastodon Invite Link:

Land Management

Executive Prodcuer: Tony
Picture of the giant tree (I guess it's not really 25' in diameter):

Hiding Records

I've just finished a book that tells the story of how the CIA helped influence the crack epidemic in the
USA, and started another book that mentions George W. Bush wanting to cover up his family's own history
from historians. These details about our government wanting to cover things up lead me down a FOIA
rabbit hole.
Dark Alliance
Family of Secrets

Fighting Authoritarianism

Last week, as I posted the show on Twitter, I got a message saying I was appropriating a hashtag of
someone else's fight against authoratirian facists, and they sent me a link talking about what the
authoratarians will do to control the narrative. I would like to go through this list and discuss what I
see when I read what has been stated to drive this activist movement.
Death Data Stacking:

Defending Against Protests

We have had civil unrest in the USA for some time now, going on 3 months. With more bad decisions coming
every day. Recently there was a shooting of some protesters that made national news from Wisconson.
When police are hamstringed in their ability to do their job, it will be the citizens who step in. But
at what cost? Do elected officals have a part to play in the protests? How does social media embolden
people to protest? How does social media effect how people will defend themselves?
List of BLM Protests:
Ted Wheeler letter to Trump:
Kenoshaw Police Twitter regarding Protestors:
A homeowner in Milwaukee, Wisconsin fired a warning shot at protesters in his neighborhood:
TN Anti-Rioting Bill:
AZ Sherrif Sound Clips:

A Trip to Sin City

I took a trip to Las Vegas during this time of the Corona Virus. I would like to share my travel experiences this week with you.

Generational Wealth

Did your parents or grand parents leave you a financial stepping stone to help you get your life started?
 Or were you given an empty hand and had to fend for yourself? At any level, within the American dream,
it is for the benfit of future generations. From laws to finances, we can improve our offspring's lot in
life. Are current events helping or hurting generational wealth?

A Walk Through the Mind

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