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25 or 6 to 4 Fieldgoal

The song from Chicago feels like perfect imagry for our situation in medicine. An unknown distance from
current to where it should be. From thereaputics to the vaccine. From "2 weeks to flatten the curve" to
we still need to be shut down for [insert reason here]. From which doctors we're allowed to trust and
who to question or not.
Chloroquine has strong antiviral effects:
Former VP Scientist from Pfizer:
Sound byte:

A Call for an Election Commission

From the hand shredding of ballots, to unauthorized updates of voting systems, to not updating voter
registration roles. We have some issues across our country in terms of instilling trust in our
elections. How do we bring things forward under a collective to find and fix problems that seemed to
have plauged our 2020 election process?
List of commissions:
WA Gov's Race Injunction:
MI County Forensics:

A Speaker's Corner
Radiolab podcast about Numbers and Benford's Law:
Dominion Forensic Report:

A Look into the Reich

I have been working my way, slowly, through a tv show: Man in the Highcastle. A scene makes me question if some things within that show can be compared to today.
Clip from Man in the High Castle, Season 4, Episode 2

Subliminal Advertising

Have you ever been influenced to buy something without even knowing you were influenced? How overt does
advertising really need to be? Was it done through sight, smell, or verbal influence? Are we being
guided one way or another? Or are we just seeing things in the clouds?
George Carlin on words changing in a changed world:

The American Empire

Living in the the United States of America has some great perks and opportunities. But how are we seen
on the world stage? How is our presence seen through military placements or business influences? How
are we seen when we police the world? What will we do when we are no longer the super power we've known
ourselves to be?

The Search for the Ministry of Truth

Have you kept your eyes open for fake news? Have you propigated fake news? Who is dispersing the fake
news to begin with? Are we going to control things so only the truth is broadcast? How do we determine
what is "truth?"
The audio of this episode sounds funny. There was an audio glitch while recording, and the salvaged
audio is the best it can sound while removing the disaster sound that came with the original recording.
Book mentioned: Bombarded, by Cyrus Krohn
What is Section 230:
Cell phone cut off (Parody, I have spread Fake News)

A Post Election Question

The day of the election of 2020 has come and passed, but it is not over yet. There are legal battles ahead of us, and there will be one individual decalred a winner. How will you react? How will your social media influence you? How will we treat everyone else to make sure we all make it through this?
No Agenda Social/Mastodon Invite Link:

Policing Speech

Today, I would like to discuss things that are happening around Seattle. From flowers to political signs
on both sides of the isle, to city laws, and out to county charters. The feelings flow strong here and,
in turn, influences politics. With so much trigging of people, reactions are strong, and we push for
partisan attonemnts. How will that balance out in the end? What new laws become enacted to help correct
issues? Will they only add to new issues?
and-alien/ han-ever/
MAGA Flowers:


How do we go out and communicate with people? How do we convey our message with the best possible intent
without having people shut down on us. A little bit of diplomacy can go a long way in having people be
willing to at least listen to our point of view.

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