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Bargaining & Bartering

While working in the garage, and using a specific tool set, I realize the value of the work I did long ago in exchange for the tool set as payment. How do we assign value for work we do for others or what others do for us? Does it always have to be in the form of a currency, or are there things or skills we can exchange of equal value to help each other out?

Posting Bail for Jail

Through the summer of 2020, there was a lot of talk about removing the bail system due to it's worse impact upon those who are less fortunate. I've decided to take a look into the basics of bail to share them with you.
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Steve E

Searching for Zen

The winter time blues of projects has been getting to me, blocking my ability to think. But there's always something to focus my mind on; as menial as it may seem on the outlook, the finished product usually offers something to feel good about.

I was a guest on 13 Questions. Listen in for some poignent questions regarding me, and how I came to my thinking process:

Documenting the Story

I've watched a handful of documentaries lately that opened my eyes to some of the schenanigans that go on in places you might not think would do such things.
"Dr. Shiva: MIT PHD Analysis of MI Votes Reveals Unfortunate Truth of U.S. Voting"
Antrim County Digital Evidence from the Election:
"The Bleeding Edge:"
"Absolute Proof" by Mike Lindell:
"Conspiracy of Silence:"

Speech of a Representative

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has made news lately from things she wrote before becoming elected, and now considered a Qanon nut. Now, a small town mayor in WA is getting caught in all the crossfire of the cancel culture of anything Q. Whether or not the Q movement holds any truth, these are elected individuals have shared their beliefs. How do we create a level playing field for all representatives to speak their mind.

Book Read to kids in classrooms:
Audio clips (August 27, 2020 & January 21, 2021)
Conspiracy of Silence Video:

Little Brokers in a Big Market

Gamestop stocks surging in price and hedge funds losing money have been making serious headlines lately. A group of individuals, cooresponding through Reddit, took on hedge fund bets and made serious news in a battle in the stock market. How did they arrive at such a point? What are the implications of running up such numbers? Was it ever a good investment?
Executive Producer: HopScotch 

Funding Politicians

The fall out of January 6th is still happening. A handful of companies have halted their political donations to verify that the politicans they will donate to will reflect their interests. I see this as a good time to exercise the question of what some people may want what they may do to achieve their goals.
Book Referenced: "Red Notice" by Bill Browder

A Look into Healthcare

I've been hearing so much talk about a request for a public option for healthcare, and decided to take a dive into why we have insurance, to the benefits of it, and look into things like the U.K.'s and Canada's NHS and compare it to what we have here in the States.

Unfolding the Events of Jan 6th, 2021

On January 6, 2021, when Congress was to meet to accept the Electoral College votes to certify Joe Biden as President-Elect, a Trump rally turned chaotic. As days have passed and more information becomes available, how do we judge and compare of things we witnessed and heard on January 6th and then days after?
Image of Rosenberg tweet:
Police officer helping a pregnant lady walk down steps at the Capitol: 

2020 is Hindsight

We have made it through 2020! I'd like to take a few minutes to reflect on things we have experienced in this last year.

A Walk Through the Mind

Take a couple minutes out of your day to tune into the conversation.  Get some talking points, either pro or con, to share.

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