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Resonate Frequency

Planets and stars have a vibrational frequency to them. Sound can effect the way we feel and interprate things. Is sound isolated to the ears, or how much deeper can it affect us?
Everything you might have wanted to know about church acoustics:
Sample Sounds of the Planets:
2D visualization of sound waves:
Stone Acoustic theater in Ireland:
Stone Henge has acoustic properties:
Grimerica James Swagger Interview:
Grimerica Paul Devereux Interview:
Grimerica John Anthony West Interview:

Spying on the Press

In recent news, it has come out that the Trump-era Department of Justice was seeking communication records of reporters who were reporting on leaked information. While less than appreciated, it is not the first time the government has looked into sources the press has used to tell their story.

Cash for Clunkers 2.0

Through recent experiences in finding a used car, and the current political push to get people out of gas-powered cars and into electric vehicles, I dug into the history of the Cash for Clunkers program from 2009 and see how it compares to today's current push.
Grumpy Old Bens episode:

Olympians on the World Stage

The Olympics have been around for eons, offering fame and fortune for those who compete and win. And with the world's eye focusing on those who achieve medals, some people may choose to make a statement. Statements that can have strong implications for local society with lasting effects. When Olympians are put on the world stage, how should they conduct themselves?
US Boycotts the 1980 Olympics:

Attending Church

ClimaGallup did a poll questioning how many people are going to church. No longer a regular attendee, I reflect on my past experiences going to church on a regular Sunday, and what I think church could be now.

Freedom of Religion

Here in the United States, we have the freedom to choose which religion we choose to pray to. Are we limited to only the well known Abrahamic religions, or the typical Pagean, Roman, Greek gods? The Flying Spaghetti Monster? Or is there another religion that has cropped up without being labeled as a church? How free are we to pray, and do we take it for granted?

Executive Producer: Steve E
Audio: S3E09

'97 in '81, Viewed from '21

I watched a movie released in 1981, which "took place" in 1997: Escape from New York. The flash back of technology used and looking at how it all evolved in similar comparisons to today has created a fun thought excercise. How much did this movie influence people to evolve their technological methods to get to where we are today? This movie gives a glimpse into how much has technology changed from then until now.

Abbreviated Victims

I've been seeing a lot of groups that identify their struggle under the banner of letters. Fighting for their own plight. How do these groups compare across the spectrum, even so far as to a group from the 1800s?
June 4, 2020 image of BLM Values page:

Building Green Fuel

I recently watched two movies, "An Inconvenient Truth" and "Planet of the Humans" and it sent me down a rabbit hole of the funding, building, and the cost/benifit offset of Green Fuel.


What are philanthropists; what do they do? These people and groups that are out to do great things to fix problems within greater society. Charity on steroids.

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