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Have you ever called out Geronimo, the name of an Apache warrior, before doing something daring?

Physical & Mental Stresses

Having recently gone through a wash of physical and mental stresses of my own, I would like to reflect on how much those impact an individual, myself, to a point where recovery is needed, more than just a decompression.
Executive Producers: John Fletcher

Seattle's Broken Window

Heard through the grape vine, a company's parking lot was vandalized in the downtown Seattle area. With the lack of enforcing laws, the job of keeping civilized society civil becomes more difficult. Where do we go next to protect our neighborhoods and businesses?
Seattle not prosecuting
June 2, 2021:

Episode 8 of Ms Informed NAtion:,2605/35175

The Dust Bowl

With the recent mini-heat wave that happened, I figured it would be a good time to compare today with the weather of the 1930's, and one of the bigger climate events in history.
CSPAN 2021-06-29 Washington Today - "Condo board boss warned of worsening damage before collapse"
Audio Book: The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown, Narration Edward Herrmann

Working with Dogs

While working outside with my dog by my side, I reflected on my interactions with dogs throughout my life.

ASF - Mink - Rona

In 1977, a newspaper article suggested that the CIA released African Swine Flu (ASF) in Cuba to fight against Castro. At the begining of the Covid pandemic, a few nations felt the need to point their finger at the USA for doing that again. Through the means of animal testing, we also know that ferrets can catch and spread Covid-19 just as fast as humans. With the two seperate diseases, could we have shared notes on the virulency of the diseases to prevent more problems? Could countries go so far as creating something so deadly? What are we doing about potential future pandemics?
“CIA Link to Cuban Pig Virus Reported,” reprinted from Newsday in San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 10, 1977.
Classical Swine Fever in a Cuban Zone Intended for Eradication: Spatiotemporal Clustering and Risk Factors
The SARS-CoV ferret model in an infection–challenge study:
Science Vs podcast
MN University Swine Podcast:
C-SPAN Washington Today (Podcast) Episodes:
Mona Charen clip:
2021-06-03 "Biden admin reveals plans for first 25 million donated vaccine doses "
Fauci Clip:
2021-06-04 "Jobs report for May lower than expected"

A Well Regulated Militia

The Second Amendment is always a hot topic item to discuss. I would like to explore ideas on why a militia is considered a necessity under the amendment.
Executive Producer: quirkess
Cassius Clay (Abolistionist):

Communicating on the Internet

Back in the day, you had a select number of gate keepers to get your voice and opinion out. With the internet, things opened up, but as we have seen, voices of some have been silenced. There are people who are out there building new gates for the ability to broadcast our voices.
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Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a weekend usually filled with BBQ's and camping. But, it's a moment that's supposed to be filled with so much more. A day, at mininum, to remember those who lost their lives standing up for what they believe in so we can live in relative peace here at home.

External Pressures Restrain a Return to Work

It's been a year since I recorded the episode "Getting Back to Work," and we're still in a state of lockdown, more so in Washington State, than most elsewhere. But lockdowns aren't the only thing keeping us from returning to normal. Unemployment benifits, inflation, international lockdowns, and more keeps the problem at scale. Can we take a step back, examine where we're at, and find a path forward?

A Walk Through the Mind

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