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A Tale of Two Trails

The greater Seattle area is growing more and more. The further people move out, the more they want to be able to get to downtown Seattle, and creativity kicks in on getting people to where they want to go. From a rather expensive train to just a simple walking/biking trail, the government comes in and takes what it will to improve the neighborhood.

Executive Producer: Lady Get Over It
The Comments Section offers a 2009 perspective of people’s views on two neighboring neighborhoods that are either side of the Sound Transit Light Rail tracks:

Goin' OTG

I've had a bevy of electronic failures this year, and the phone is one of the latest. In this current world of technological-super connectivity, there is no way of "not submitting data," but if I can give less information, I'll be one step closer to Off the Grid. Since I was starting anew with another phone, I went with the Google Pixel 4a so I could install GrapheneOS, a privacy-centric operating system. And to add icing to the cake, my laptop hard drive had a catastrophic failure, and I decided to jump into the world of Linux as well.
Simple how to guide on installing GrapheneOS onto a Pixel 4a:
A privacy extremist podcast shares his review of GrapheneOS and apps:
Linux Mint:
Install Guide
Dual Boot information:

Vaxports in King County

King County has decreed that certain businesses shall require to view documentation that individuals have recieved their vaccines. Will this create a two-tiered society? Will we continue shop at the places that require such documentation? With looming vaccine mandates coming down from the State, and people already worried about future employment, how will this add to the upcoming turmoil?
Executive Producer: John Fletcher
Book Mentioned: "IBM and the Holocaust" by Edwin Black
Enforcement Job Openings:

Postponing Procrastination

Life is always full of big projects and commitments, and even if we put them off, they will still come back to us, needing to be completed. Where is the point of deminishing returns on postponing a project? When do we step forward to complete the project to protect our overall investment?

Ethically Sourced

Diamonds have been an issue in the past for the means in how they were acquired. Recently, there has been a push to sell diamonds that are "ethically sourced." What other things can we observe in recent events that would make us to buy other things that are ethically sourced?

Standing Together Against a Mandate

The govenor of WA has issued a mandate for all State employees are required to recieve a COVID-19 vaccine. This has created rumblings within the greater collection of workers within the State. People are willing to stand up for what they believe in and are now in a game of chicken with the State on whether they're going to be fired or have to quit.

Redacted Vaccine Mandate communications:

Case Fatality Rate (CFR) of Covid-19's-temple  

More religious exemption forms can be found here:

Interview with fire fighter Frank Dahlquist at 32:55-40:33

Interview with biologist Jeffery Gray at 22:00-32:00

Interview with state patrol trooper at 23:15-34:15 

Elon Musk Audio:

NYC Protest on Vax and Mandates:  

Green Pass Protests in Italy:

Peaceful protests in France with people eating in the streets to boycott the restaurants requiring the Green Pass:

Large protest for "medical freedom" underway in London:

Renewed large protests in Paris and many other cities in France against vaccine passports and mandatory vaccination:

Departing Afghanistan

The draw down of troops in Afganinstan has drawn a great deal of press lately. How differently could things have gone? We went in there with the best intetions and seem to have left with our tail between our legs. How will America be remembered throughout our occupation in Afganistan.
Executive Producer: Sir Sean of the Allegheny Valley

Taxing Farms

There's been a lot of comotion over Congress's $3.5 trillion social infrastructure bill. A worthy endevour by some, but I ask who will pay for it? Senator John Thune claims that ranches will take the brunt of the hit, and with a rocky 2020, additional expenses on their part won't help.
Executive Producer: John Fletcher
National Beef Assoc with University of Oklahoma study on money lost in beef industry:
Economic Impact Study from Texas A&M
Melissa Tate Interview:
Leisl Carpenter Interview starts at 52:00
CSPAN Washington Today, John Thune audio starts at 22:37:
"What happens in a US debt default?:"
Hogstory Episode 207:

The Stone Temple of Democracy

Local elections are on their way through again, and we still seem to be in some level of panic, still, in this pandemic. Washington State Congress still isn't meeting in person, now, due to the Delta variant. As I look around, I feel that public opinion on the virus still holds it as serious, but not as chaotic as it was. We have government buildings for the purpose of meeting in person, and I feel it is time for WA representatives to return to their posts.

Executive Producers:
Daniel W
Legislature not in Legal session in WA
Nancy Pelosi's Speech – Audio first 30 seconds
5 minute judicial ritual

Lost Goalposts

In Texas, there was a bill to be debated and a collection of representatives left town. They chartered a plane, went to D.C., met with Democrats, and Covid cases broke out. Now there's push for more vaccines, and masks are back for all. At what level is this a failure? Testing, medicine, social failures, corporations, regulatory authorities?

Executive Producers: Hop-Scotch, LadyGetOverIt
Biden doesn't think the vaccine should be mandatory:
National Vaccination Progress:
Antibody-dependent Enhancement (ADE) and Vaccines:
Antibody-dependant enhancement and SARS-CoV-2 vaccines and therapies:
Truth about Vaping 2015 Base video:
Clipped audio from Truth about Vaping:
Netflix "The Bleeding Edge"
Essure Birth Control:

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