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Investing in Gree

Sitting here, as a lowly pleb, I am not regularly involved with the stock market. But that's not to say that other are not. There are many people who are putting money forward and setting forth action plans for more people to invest in the Green movement. Is it all big money that will make the difference, or are there smaller scale things we can look into and invest in to make the Green movement a possibility?
Oak Ridge, TN Nuclear Reactor:
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Seeking Inspiration

I had a low productivity weekend, due to work, and spent too many hours in front of YouTube doing research, from a spark of inspiration, seeking more inspiration.
Ed's Biochar Tech – System Overview and Demonstration
Rocket Stove – Biochar, heater, and what not to do with water heating:

Rocket Stove Build:
Rocket Stove, Off-Grid Water Heater:
Rocket Stove, Build of Off-Grid Water Heater:
Endless hot water without electricity:

Reciprocate Gratitude

Back in the early days of text messages, we had a limited number allowed to send per month, and a 9 key method for typing; giving us the excuse to shorten words for brevity's sake. These abbrievations have carried along with us through the years giving way to more lax grammar rules. We have come to a point where we are so informal that the phrase "you're welcome" has even begun to go by the wayside.

Working for Gov't Jobs

Recently, the bi-partisan infrastructre bill has been passed into law by Congress which will bring many new jobs to the market. But with the advent of vaccine mandates, and not 100% of the population taking them, who will do these jobs? What requirements will be put in place for these potential employees, either working inside or out, to be employed or contracted with the government?
Executive Producer: Sir Sean of the Allegheny Valley

Fear as the 6th Vital Sign

Back in November, 1996, the American Pain Institute introduced “Pain as the 5th Vital Sign” as a means to diagonose where a patient was at. This, sadly, led to our opiod epidemic of an over prescription of things like oxycontin. Today, we still have this metric in place, which may be useful to some, and negligent to others. At what point do we include a level of “fear” into our medical calculations to diagnose and treat symptoms of individuals, up to a community level?
Executive Producers: John Fletcher

The Price of Screws

In the process of picking up supplies for home repairs, the guy at the hardware store mentioned how the price of screws had increased. Do we factor in the different aspects of building a screw; the research and devolopment stages? How much does supply and demand effect the price of screws? How does the price of gas factor in?

To Mandate a Vaccine

How do we justify vaccines in certain professions? Is it due to the disease that we can come in concact with? Does it depend on who we may interact with or which environment we are going into? How should we enact such measures, to make sure people go out and recieve these health measures?
Jesse Young Audio:

Fallout from a Mandate

Washington State's vaccine mandate for State employees has taken effect, and people have lost their jobs standing up for what they believe in. From state troopers, fire fighters, paramedics, ferry workers, snow plow drivers, and more. They all lost their livelihoods, standing up for something they believe in. As I look at their sacrifice, I have taken a moment to reflect where I am at within this grand paradigm.
Executive Producers: Sir Sean of the Alagheny Valley
Daniel W.

Children - To Mask or Unmask

Executive Producer: John Fletcher

Same video as above, but not on FaceBook:

“Is the Covid-19 Vaccine Safe?:”

Abilify Commercial:

Masking like a Kid interview:

Election Integrity

The Maricopa County audit has stirred quite the ruccus in the media lately. Regardless of who won in the county, the audit has shown there were some significant anomolies within this election. Jokes of politicians, of both parties, cheating have been abound since time in memorium, and stereotypes contain some kernal of truth from where they originate. Was there wide spread voter fraud? Probably not, but there's enough to question for us to look a bit deeper.
Honest, Open, and Transparent Government:

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