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Everybody's Working for their Weekend

Everyone puts in hours at the office for the chance to earn just enough extra money to relax and unwind for their weekend. But should we just be aiming for those two days we see every week? How much effort are we willing to put in for our forever weekend: retirement?

Executive Producer:
Sir Sean of the Allegheny Valley

Balancing the Grid

With the war in Ukraine still ongoing, the European Union is experiencing an energy crises, with California and their electric car mandate seeming to be not too far behind. How many dominoes are in the series of rising electricty costs or in the line of removal of not-so-Green energy?
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Wind Energy in Russia:

Natural gas to fertilizer study:

Older Price citations:

More Recent Price citations:

Gas and Electricity Prices: How are they Calculated?:

NOVA: The Nuclear Option (2017)

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How is the price of electricity determined? How does the electricity market function?: (Fingrid)

Natural Gas 101: Natural Gas Pricing Components:

The Business of Natural Gas (Annoying audio):

Ammonia Production using Hydrogen and Nitrogen:

Paying with a Sin Tax

Living in 2 different States has shown me different ways of tax utilization. Trash disposal is one of the bigger stark views I was able to see right off the bat. The cost of food is almost on par, but car registration is less. What level of societal contributions (taxes) do we endure to make sure our community is operating at a level we approve of?

Executive Producer:
Sir Sean of the Allegheny Valley

Recollection of a Road Trip

In this episode, I recall my road trip from Washington to the South East.

Nebraska National Forest:

Hopping Back on the Bicycle

I have been on a hiatus to move across the country, and it's time to hop back on the bicyle, and start this part of my journey back up again. I spend a quick moment bringing everyone up to speed of where I am at. I give a BIG thank you to the people who supported my efforts while I was gone and sent in financial support. Feel free to file this one under ramblings in my attempt to find my footing again.

Executive Producers:
Sir Sean of the Allegheny Valley
John Fletcher of the Hogstory Podcast

Branding in a Name

How much of a “brand” is in a name? I see cars with the same name as one from years past, but are they the same car? Bands that change up members, at different levels of frequency, do they ever become not the initial band?
Executive Producer: Betty
History of the Chrysler 300

International Tensions

Russia has invaded Ukraine. The West has put heavy sanctions on Russia for its actions. Where is it our time and place to get involved with such disputes? Are we obligated due to financial or humanitarian reasons, or both?

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