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We have wronged and been wronged at some point in our lives.  How do we go about asking for forgiveness?  How do we accept forgiveness?

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Laying Out Blueprints

In our journey to complete complex tasks, a written or illustrated version of our goals lets us refer back to and help us make sure we stay on our intended target.

Influencing a Game of Chance

Casinos brought in record profits last year. When we go to the casino, what luck do we bring with us to win big? How much effect can we put into certain games? What mitigating factors exist to remove our influence from the game?

Are you looking for dice towers or an exploding outhouse piggy bank? Look no further:

Pennies in a Jar

Starting life over is a struggle with many little things that add up. Pennies in a jar add up in many cases in life, and I'd like to see where we might be able to figure out where to dig out some for our own bonus day.

Thinkin' 'Bout Cars

I would like to talk cars today. From the new EV Hummer, to cars and their insurance, to a correction of a narrative I misstated a few times regarding an "override switch."
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YouTube video of the EV Hummer:

No Rest for the Weary

How do we view business transactions and the taxes and fees that go along with each purchase?  Is Uncle Sam an impartial arbiter to make sure the transaction is equitable, or an over-ruley brute?  And how are we as individuals representing a business to be observed and accepted in the world of business transactions?

Generational Knowledge

Stemming from a picture on Twitter showing the change in 40 years of a London background, one can see the vast difference in the times. But what about the more intricate things that happen to us and the people grow up with? Will we pass on these experiences to generations that will follow us or have come before us?

Executive Prodcuer: Sir Sean of the Allegheny Valley

Parental Guidance - 13

From the fantasy world of fairy tails, to when it hits our eyes; how do we interpret and resolve the story to discuss the deeper topics within to the next generation?


The struggle of current day passwords is real!  From complex, unique passwords, to having to change them every 6 months with something else just as unique.  How do we prepare for when we've locked ourselves out of our accounts in an abundance of security?

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2022: A Year in Review

2022 was a year of change for me. I would like to take a minute and review where I had come from and
some of the bigger challenges I faced in the process of recalibrating my life.

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