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The Hemp Plant

From all the cardboard we use in shipping, I decided to chase a rabbit down the hole in search of a new idea for a renewable resource and came across so much more!

All Hallow's Eve

Happy All Hallow's Eve, or Halloween to those celebrating! A time to get spooky and commune with the dead. Or is it just a time to eat candy and dress up in sexy costumes?

Creative Commons

I purchased an album recently that came with a digital download version of it. What's to stop me, outside of legal ramifications of sharing this? What options do us of no record company deals, or other industry backed endorsements have to become heard? Can we make money from our art?
RynotheBearded interview with Cullah about his music career:
Jenn Briney of Congressional Dish:
Creative Commons:

Right to Privacy

The prevelance of video doorbells is on the rise. Where does home security and one's right to privacy collide?

RadioLab podcast mentioned:

Police team up with Ring doorbells:

Listening at 1.0x

How fast do you regularly listen to your podcasts at? Is there a chance you miss out on some details? Or is there that much information we need to consume in a day?
Speed of Cities blog post P1:
Speed of Cities blog P2:
Speed of Cities Research Paper:

Online Advertising

With all those Machine Learning Algos, how does that effect our search results? Is there room for abuse by companies or persons?

Fix your Twitter Feed:

RandomThoughts Podcast:

Bananas and Miliues

I feel that the current state of the banana plant is a worth metaphor for the state of some of journalistic sources and things we may want to be wary of.

Banana Backstory:

Modern Day Hoovervilles

There's been a drastic rise in homelessness across the country. I share some local examples, and other ideas on how to at least get the ball rolling for a good outcome.
The Jungle:
Nicklesville Background Story:
Nickelsville Ousting Scott Morrow:
Tent Cities Prone to disease:


There's a new "Adulting" class available in Maine to teach you how to be grown up. Do we really need such a class?

After Work Activities

A Seattle Police Officer was recently fired for smoking pot during off duty time. Marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug, while there are other drugs that are under Schedule, alcohol and nicotine aren't included. Why are some forms of self medication bad over others?

Rehab Scene from Half Baked:

 Bill Hicks bit:

Episodes 1-10

1. Cashless Society
2. Electric vs Gas Engines
3. Climate Change
4. Evolution of Cars
5. YouTube Censorship
6. Income Inequality
7. Albums vs Singles
8. Why I Like Capitalism
9. Why I Like Communisim
10. [Free] College

Episodes 11-20

11. Unions
12. An Upside to the Military Industrial Complex?
13. Who Owns the Data?
14. Charitable vs Forced Donations
15. New Robber Barrons
16. Amateur Astronomy
17. Balancing the Checkbook
18. Cooking with Cast Iron
19. Politicians
20. Thugs or Mafias

Episodes 21-30

21. $15 an Hour
22. Playing by Party Rules
23. Playing Monopoly
24. Security Protocols for Flying
25. Physical or Digital Media
27. Playing with Electricty
28. Social Media
29. How the Story is Told
30. Respecting the Ritual

Episodes 31-40

31. Border Securities
32. Byproducts of Energy
33. Judging the Book by                      its Cover
34. Republicrats and Democins
35. Voting Rights
36. All You Need is Love
37. Speaking American
38. Going for a Sunday Drive
39. Practical and CGI Effects in Movies
40. Second Hand Smoke

Episodes 41-50

41. Pharmaceuticals or Holistic Medicine
42. Machine Learning
43. Religous Zealotry
44. Intrastate Advertising
45. Advertising in the USA
46. The Boy Who Cried Wolf
47. What is a Podcast
48. Thoughts on a 2020 Presidential Candidate
49. Hydrogen as Fuel
50. Voices of the Few Rule the Many

Episodes 51-60

51. The 4th of July
52. De Ja Vous
53. Universal Basic Income
54. Rite of Passage
55. Debt to the State
56. Unplugging
57. G.M.O.'s
58. Nerd Night
59. Working around the Red Tape
60. Unenlightened

Episodes 61-70

61. After Work Activities
62. Adulting
63. Modern Day Hoovervilles
64. Bananas and Miliues
65. Online Advertising
66. Listening at 1.0x
67. Right to Privacy
68. Creative Commons
69. All Hallow's Eve
70. The Hemp Plant

Episodes 71-80

71. Writing History
72. Children of the Corn
73. Communicating in Numbers
74. Justifying Tariffs
75. Building a Team
76. Right to Refuse Service
77. Talkin' about Christmas
78. New Year's Resolutions
79. We the People
80. Kozmo Dot Com

Episodes 81-90

81. Buying a Lemon
82. Electronic Voting
83. Personal Media Bias
84. The Price of Gold
85. Government's Control on Media
86. Management or Leadership

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