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Kozmo Dot Com

What lessons can we learn from start up companies and how they spend their money?
Founder of TDAmeritrade interview:

We the People

I recall in 5th grade, I had to recite the Preamble to the Constitution in Social Studies class. Today, I would like to recollect, recite, and remember some of our founding documents.
Declaration of Independence:
Bill of Rights:
All Amendments to the Constitution:

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year! Are you going to the gym? Are you going to quit alcohol or tabacco? I've had some resolutions I've held to in the past, and I make some for this new year.

Talkin' about Christmas

In a time of buying gifts and making sure we visit family, I just want to offer a few of my thoughts about this time of year.

Right to Refuse Service

When's the last time you were at a bar? Have you seen the sign "We reserve the right to refuse service?" At what point does an artist, such as a baker or a florist have the right to refuse service? What about an insurance company? 

Building a Team

When we build a team, we have an end goal in mind. A what level is the message for the final goal managed? Does the final message change somewhere along the line? How can we discern what message is true or not?

Justifying Tariffs

There's been a lot of talk about China in recent weeks.  Granted the tariffs started well before this recent news, but can we justify them being in place now?

Communicating in Numbers

How do we measure things? "American Standard?" Metric? Binary? How does nature communicate with us through the measuring we can do with our own bodies?

Children of the Corn

I recently watched Children of the Corn. A story that takes place in small town, middle of nowhere, America. Remenicing on our days of old, and city individualism, where does the power of one city exceed the next one over?

Writing History

From first hand, written, accounts to audio and video recordings, how will historians of tomorrow look at what we have recorded today?

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