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The Collective Consciousness

Is there a connection between people that is deeper than things we see? As a mother and child can have a conenction, to twins; how far does it go? How does this effect us individually, or as a whole? Are there legitimate examples?
A small collection of "Conspiracies in art:"

Getting Back to Work

Have you been enjoying your Coronacation? Is it time to get back to work? Find that new sense of normal? We've been inundated with information in regards to this new virus. Where do we make previsions for how it all is to unfold back into society? Can we all be adults and respect spaces, or must we be corraled in order to prevent further infections? Is there a chance the numbers have been inflated?
Executive Producer:
WA State Fudging numbers:
MN Senator says death count may be off:
Businesses Fighting Back:
Bakersfield Doctors removed from YouTube:
Other People claiming faulty numbers:
Post 2008 collapse suicide study:
Modifying Virus:
Sound Clips:
Chicago Mayor:
Joe Rogan:
Local Radio show. Interview regarding Hydroxycholorquine starts at 2:30, goes for 23 minutes:


Transgender issues have really come into the light in recent history, from general awareness, or large
disputes. How are these individuals forced to deal with how they feel within their own body, unable to
identify with it? What are the means of correcting this feeling? Are there implications to corrections?
 How do we adress the bullying aspect of being called by the gender you identify as?
Executive Producer: HarryHamster
Jordan Peterson:

Sexual Education

A Comprehensive Sexual Education (SB 5395) bill has passed recently here in WA. With fears of how to
effectively teach children, and the ramifications of those who teach the children, where does this take
us? Is teaching sex ed in the classroom effective?

Educational Choices

In first or second grade, my principal told me I could be the president of the USA if I wanted to. In 8th grade, a guest speaker told me the system told me the system requires the lower achieving kids in the back of the classroom. At what level does the school support or suppress the student? What models of schools are out there to help students out?

Dietary Chocies

At what level does our diet impact our mental state, our overall health? A lot some might say. From weight lifters to diabetics, everyone has their take on diet. And not being a stickler on my own diet, I have my own take on how it effects us.


Continuing the Covid-19 talk, there's been a lot of talk about vaccines lately. I have my views on vaccines, and wonder where these new talks will take us. What new technologies will improve or hinder our advancements in this era?

A Government Stipend

So, the government is going to send people $1200 to help kick start the economy and help people through
their financial struggles in this time of lockdown. Do you live in an expensive part of the country
though? Living in expensive cities, counties, or states, $1200 might not be that much. How can your
local government help improve the situation? Are they improving the situation? Where will you spend
your stipend?
King County Sign Cleaner:

Right to be Forgotten

"Pics or it didn't happen." When we post things to the internet, they're more or less, inscribed in history, forever. Right to be Forgotten laws are appearing globally to help people remove their bad decisions from search engines. What is our personal plan to obfuscate our own negative search results?

Selling My Data

From a mouse, to a video game, to an app. Who's collecting the information? Who's buying the information? What information are we selling?

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