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Reflections of an Arctic Blast

The United States has just gone through an Arctic Blast, and this is merely a reflection of my thoughts of what this effect has put our energy systems through.

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Forced Obsolescene

With all the talk of things like cars, energy, and technology being forced one way, it brings back
memories of the light bulb and forced obsolescene. And with President Biden now speaking of getting rid
of Compact Flourescent Light (CFL) Bulbs to be replaced with LED bulbs, the topic of lightbulb evolves
some more.

Base Material Construction

After finishing a book about the history of textiles, I question the overall break down of cost to create such things; how much goes into the process to get it from the factory to you? How much other effort goes into the things to create not just the energy we use to turn on the lights, but the things that help the lights turn on, like copper?

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Podcast about the processing of materials like oil and copper:

The Apollo Program used a woven system to make magnetically resistant computers:

Wrenchin' on Cars

I'm in the middle of a big car repair project, and I wonder how we all look at our vehicles and what our decision point is to either repair or let the vehicle go.

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Family Traditions

    Through the holidays, we continue on with events that have been continued on a regular basis. When we continue on with these traditions, how do we reinforce them to make sure they continue on, and to make an impact on those who follow us?


Have you ever met someone for the first time and ever asked them "Have we met before?"  Was it because they looked like someone you know, or was it merely a feeling?  Was it a spiritual entity making it's presence known?

A Trip to Jackson

I just got back from a trip to Jackson, MS for a concert that had been in the works for a year. I would like to share with you my weekend of a travel to this section of the country.

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Growin' Old

It appears that I am finally getting old. I slept wrong the other day and my shoulder hurts. How have my life choices effected how I have to live my life comfortably moving forward?

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Sending Aid in War

Throughout history, countries have sent other countries both supplies and support to other countries involved in conflict without being directly involved in it themselves. How do we, as the government, decide how much is enough support? How much more or less support should we send? What if our support is misappropriated? What if our values shift out of sync with the people we are supporting?
Foreign assistance flows through US companies
From 2013:
Older Ukraine Aid articles:
Newer Ukraine Aid articles:
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Leaked Phone Call between Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt: 

There's Something in the Water

An introduction to my new hobby. I discuss a cashless society.
(The heavy breathing you hear in the background is the dog sleeping.)

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