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A War on Coal

    The EPA has submitted a new rule to heavily regulate coal power plant emissions. In our greater search for a Greener lifestyle, what other things must we think about in the greater aspect of costs, profits, or socioeconomcial outcome?

    U.S. Energy Information Administration, KY:

    Thin-film transistor-driven vertically stacked full-color organic light-emitting diodes for high-resolution active-matrix displays:

    Three-dimensional monolithic micro-LED display driven by atomically thin transistor matrix:

    1st KY GOP Gubernatorial Primary Debate:

    2nd KY GOP Gubernatorial Primary Debate, located at bottom of page:

    Bonus KY GOP Gubernatorial Primary Debate:

Thinking from East to West

Leaning heavily on two people much smarter than me, IΓÇÖd like to ponder how we view and consume the world through both the eyes of Eastern and Western cultures.
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William Brattle and A Compendium of Logick:,_ergo_sum
Two Links to the Same Study for redundancy:

A Fender Bender

I was involved in a fender bender this last week, and have some thoughts to review on it.

Weather Modification

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Sir Sean of the Allegheny Valley

GMA Cloud Seeding:

Short Brad Udall clip on the CO River:

Brad Udall Speech:
Over-allocation of theColorado River: Now it Means Something:

2017 Census Ag Atlas Maps:

Vegetable Acres Harvested for Sale 2017 (See S. CA/AZ):

The Colorado River Board of California:

Central Arizona Project:

The Honorable Princess Pooch

Just a simple talk regarding the Honorable Princess Pooch and her life as it goes today.

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Democrats Expelled

The Yacht Clubs are playing games again. A couple weeks ago, an individual went into a christian school and shot 3 students and 3 adults, and we are back into the assault rifle legislation conversation again. And there has been a unique twist to the game of keeping this conversation in the news this time around.
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Video from upper balcony:

Moore's Law

I've been learning about advances in computing power lately. And Moore's Law states that the number of transistors that can fit in an intergrated circuit will double every two years. From where we started with original computing to where we are today, we have defintely advanced.
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Transistors Explained - How Transistors Work:
Bubbles Whiting - Using Punch Cards - Hollerith and IBM:

Herman Hollerith Census Machine by TMC which became IBM

Scratch Built Punchcard Reader [How they operate]:

1840's blue prints built with today's tooling:

Hand Made Vacuum Tubes by Claude Paillard:

Vacuum Tube Computer P.22 – Processor Finished!

(Current Processors are 64 bit, this is a 1 bit processor):

For Size Comparison of the above "processor:"

Vacuum Tube Computer P.26 – Memory Map and 4-Bits of RAM

Homemade Lithography Machine and Home Chip Printing:

IBM and the Holocaust:

Chip War:

Don't Feed the Radicals

Donald Trump is going to be arrested... still.. any day now...
Constant news of this has been going on and it's just a fire ignited to keep people in the spot light.  The Ultra Woke and the Ultra Maga are keeping us at odds, and we need to remember that we all need to sit down at the table and know that we're not all extremists on one side or the other.

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Sir Sean of the Allegheny Valley

A Candle Burned at Both Ends

Although a candle normally has only one end of the wick exposed, sometimes extra light is needed to accomplish further goals, and we must burn both ends of our candle to achieve them.

An Aging Population

Within some books I've been consuming, I've learned a bit about the effects of an aging population, and I'd like to share some of what I've learned with you.
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Age Differences in Age Perceptions and Developmental Transitions:

China has faster pace than Japan in population aging in next 25 years:

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