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Bridging Plants to Animal, From Death to Life

Mushrooms are the crossover species between the animal and plant kingdoms.  From delicious to poisionous to psychedelic, they hold many properties that effect us from one layer to another.  Are the psychedelic properties just as important as the edible properties?

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Sir Sean Allegheny Valley

Eps 237: More Than Just a Button Mushroom

Nutritional quality of Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus Ostreatus) as affected by osmotic pretreatments and drying methods:

A Review of Mushrooms as a Potential Source of Dietary Vitamin D:


Mushrooms have folate (vitamin B9):

"The Therapeutic Potential of Psilocybin:"

"Psilocybin: from ancient magic to modern medicine:"

Fantastic Fungi:

Everything's a Nail

We are out taking on a plethora of things that are out to harm us. At what point, do we not see the forest through the trees? We focus so much on one thing, that's all we know we have to fix. Are there minute things we may overlook in our attempts to fix bigger issues?

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2023: Safer Communities Act:

COP (Conference of the Parties):

Power Hungry Podcast w/ guest Yonatan Dubi:

Power Hungry Podcast w/ guest Jessica Weinkle, Assoc. Prof at U of NC: 

C-SPAN: Kamala Clip:

C-SPAN: Biden Clip:

Insuring Climate Change

Are we allowed to question the Climate Change narrative? Is it even a narrative? What about the research that reinforces the jobs and companies that help mitigate the problems with Climate Change; such as insurance and building codes? If one person leaves out some information, is it justified, to protect the greater good; or does it reenforce bad habits?

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Sir Sean of the Allegheny Valley - 2541

Nobel Laureate Dr. John Clauser | Quantum Korea 2023:

RCP numbers:

Catagorizing Weather Insurance Extremes:

Homeowner Insurance Companies leaving CA:

Catastrophe bonds storm into mainstream as climate threat grows:

Extreme weather blows out catastrophe insurance losses to $40bn:


Environmental Defence Fund:

Methane Sattelite Company:

Conflict of Interest and Medical Journals


No Agenda 1589 ~1:08:00 begins Cloud Conversation:

Power Hungry Podcast w/ guest Jessica Weinkle, Assoc. Prof at U of NC: 

Masters in Business: Jonathan Miller on High Mortgage Rates:

Sellin' Some Data

Have you signed up for a store rewards program to soak in all those extra points?  Do we agree with everything these companies do with our information?  But what about when we sign up for a company for a cheaper product, and they use their money to produce advertisements that don't biodegrade?

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Starting the Garden

The local nursery called the other day and informed me that they had gotten fruit trees in stock.  I have gone off and picked up my new plants, but now I need to form new habits to make sure these don't perish on me.

Limiting Your Drinking

The United States director of National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism is considering lowing the recommended number of alcoholic drinks for Americans, and looking to Canada for guidance.  How much alcohol are we really drinking?  Is our consumption of alcohol something that needs to be monitored and concerned with at a larger level?  Or should we take more immediate care of what we are consuming on a more broad basis?

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Sir Sean of the Allegheny Valley

Kyle of Pocket Parley and Light Tickle podcasts:

Beer Institute: "Equalization: A Drink is Not a Drink"

Artificial Sweeteners Versus Regular Mixers Increase Breath Alcohol Concentrations in Male and Female Social Drinkers:

"High Functioning, but Still Alcoholics:"

Mushrooms have folate:

Aiming for Success

I believe we have a good idea of how our introductions to conversations set the stage for how conversations may progress.  But how does our statement of departure set the next stage?

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Behind the Sch3m3s:

Putting in the Hours

Two people in my life have been asking for insight into how to pursue jobs that will pay the bills.

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Using Paper Towels

How many paper towels do you use in your household on a regular basis?  Are we using recycled or virgin wood in the creation process of our paper towels?  How eco friendly is one option over the other?

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Sir Sean of the Allegheny Valley

How to Use Cast Iron: Cooking, Cleaning and Seasoning:


What are our hobbies; the activities we do in our off time?
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