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Keeping the Car on the Road

My buddy's sibling is having car troubles.  It could be a $10 fix or a $6000 fix.  How do we justify repairing vehicles to keep them on the road?  What is our breaking point?

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House Slippers

When you come home, do you slip off your shoes and into some good, old fashioned slippers?  Or do you walk around the house barefoot, or in socks?  Or are you bold enough to have a pair of shoes, dedicated, to only wearing in the house?

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Sir Sean of the Allegheny Valley
Dame Slamy

The Truth: Dissecting Reebok Pump

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Bon3s on the Road

Recorded on the drive up to PA from TN on Thanksgiving Day.  Join me as I hit a variety of different topics!

Fast Food Gut

Life is so busy these days, and cooking takes up so much time, let alone having to do dishes afterwards.  Fast Food is a way of life; so much so that McDonalds teamed with TikTok to give reviews of their new sauces.  And with my newfound search of healthy foods, its spiked my interest in what we really are eating, only to come across some articles talking about new studies showing greater health impacts of eating 20+% of your meals from the drive-thru.

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Redbeard Jakew

Paperless Billing

How many of our bills are paperless?  By choice, or by mandate?  When the time comes, how will the ones who have to take over our estate know what bills are coming due, and being charged?  How can we make this easier for those who will have to take over, or shall we embrace our own convenience?

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Kyle of "Pocket Parley" and "Light Tickle"

Feng Shui

How do we keep our homes?  Are they always a mess, or always, pristine?  Maybe, somewhere in between?  Is it an organized chaos that you can point to whatever you need at a moment's notice, or is it just a disaster and everything's lost in the pile?  Feng Shui is a state of flow, and sometimes our house breathes with us, and sometimes we fight against it.  How do we lay out our abodes to breathe with us?

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Orienteering for Green

A Rivian R1T truck won an off-road competition over the course of 8 days and 2500 km; and, to charge the truck, a company brought out hydrogen powered electric generators. This competition requires the use of paper maps, compass, and rulers - no GPS allowed.
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Lavish of "Behind the Sch3m3s"
Sir Sean of the Allegheny Valley

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In Search of Free Speech Zones

Recent international events in the eastern Mediterranean have sparked protests here at American universities in support of one side or the other, with personal blows being dealt to students' carreers. I would like to embrace some of the universities' previous stances on fixing problem.

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Sir Sean of the Allegheny Valley


The Right Tool for the Job

When we go out and buy a new tool, do we aim for the cheapest tool available or the most expensive tool out there? Is there a balance to seek between the investment and the overall outcome? Can we do our best job with the cheapest tool available, or is the investment in a higher priced brand worth the investment?

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Sir Sean of the Allegheny Valley

Jobs Are on the Mend

The latest jobs report is out! 336 Thousand jobs have been added back to the economy! A large portion are back into the hospitality business. We are approaching pre-pandemic levels of employment!

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