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Lessons Observed in Yardwork

Since owning my original house, I have learned a lot more about plants than I ever thought I would. And now, I am learning again about a new type of plant, and how sneaky and aggressive it can be.

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Daniel W

Dame Slamy
Kilo Romeo
Øystein Berge

Minimum Wage Fallout

California has recently increased the wages of fast food workers to $20, and now there is fallout from the increased prices on the menu board. But fast food isn't threatened by AI and machines, but at the same time, I am attempting to build machinery to make my job easier.

Executive Producers:

Dame Slamy

Øystein Berge host of the "Mutton, Mead, and Music" podcast

Power loom:

Bagged Dirt

In transplanting starts from my garden, I had to go buy dirt from the local hardware store. Why must we be stuck buying dirt in a bag?

"Notes" on Family Recipes

With so much visiting with family since living in TN, I've gotten a lapsed view of everyone growing, and continuing on the thought of our impact on people when we pass on. From looks, to personalities, to our love of cooking.

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Dame Slamy

Kyle of the "Pocket Parley" and "Light Tickle podcasts

Sir Sean of the Allegheny Valley

Nature Unmodified Bills

At the State level, here in Tennessee, bills are making their way through the Congress regarding geoengineering and vaccines in food. Local news has come off as sounding like they're a bunch of 'nutters for passing these bills.

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Dame Slamy

Sir Sean of the Allegheny Valley

"No Chemtrails" Bill:

2020 news story:

Senator who introduced the bill got sick on the floor:

"Vaccine Lettuce:"

"Vaccine Lettuce" Bill

Vaccine CDC Old Definition:

New Definition:

UNSW "What is mRNA and what does it do?"

GMA Cloud Seeding:

Peace and Prosperity

Peace and Prosperity usually are said to go hand in hand.  But in a recent reading of a book, there was a country that stated that they look more for Prosperity before Peace.  How do we attempt to balance the two?

Reflections on a Funeral

Last week I had to attend a funeral, and through the sheer exhaustion of the week, I take a moment to reflect on the thoughts and feelings that have revolved around the event.

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Dame Slamy

DarrenO (Podcasts: Randumb Thoughts, Grumpy Old Bens, Unrelenting, Planet Rage, Rock 'n' Roll Preshow)

Sir Sean of the Allegheny Valley

Jobs & New Leases

An introduction to my new hobby. I discuss a cashless society.
(The heavy breathing you hear in the background is the dog sleeping.)

The Borders of Culture

I've sat back at so many points in life wondering how cultures form and why, and have recently learned that geography has a lot to do with it.

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Respect for Police

In Washington, there was a level of respect for police officers.  In Tennessee, there is a different showing of respect to police officers.

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Sir Sean of the Allegheny Valley
Dame Slamy
Kyle of "Pocket Parley" and "Light Tickle" podcast

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