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Starving Artist Royalties

Randy Travis made the news the other day in the struggle of when an artist makes a deal with a company to make money. There is a push to have radio stations pay royalties to artists they play the music of. How do artists continue to make music in the future after their work has been released?

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Dame Slamy
Kyle of the "Pocket Parley" and "Light Tickle" podcasts

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A Band, Tribe, or Cheifdom?

How far out does our "extended family" go? Does it include aunts and uncles, or do we go so far as to include people we would invite over to Friendsgiving? How big is our "extended family" and what goals has this group set out to achieve? Does it have a higherarchy structure, or is everyone equal in their say?

Executive Producers:

Dame Slamy

Oystein Berge of the "Mutton, Mead and Music" podcast

Link from Dame Slamy

"Here's a fun little excerpt from Gravity's Rainbow about an immortal lightbulb:"

Casta Effects

From listening to a book on Mexico's history and Spain's influence on it, a statement in another book, "Don Quixote," I see a chance to reflect deeper on our society for a moment.

Executive Producer:

Dame Slamy

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Selective Service

The US gov't wants to save some money regarding the Selective Service. Does it still serve its purpose? Is it fairly implemented?

Executive Producers:
Dame Slamy
Kyle of the "Pocket Parley" and "Light Tickle" podcasts

The Selective Service System and Draft Registration: Issues for Congress:

Saying "Goodbye" to Man's Best Friend

It's been a ruff couple weeks watching The Honorable Princess Pooch age, and it is time for her to go. But Man's Best Friend always departs sooner than us. This is a moment of remembrance for her.

Executive Producer:

Dame Slamy

To a Publisher or Not to a Publisher

An introduction to my new hobby. I discuss a cashless society.
(The heavy breathing you hear in the background is the dog sleeping.)

Ma Bell

I have a change of format today, as I've done too much research on AT&T, only to realize it is a massive undertaking of how much history this company has. I have decided to focus in on their monopolistic history from different angles in hopes we may walk away with a bit more information, at one level or another, than what we had when we went in.

Executive Producers:

Dame Slamy

I.B.M. Trust Suit Ended by Decree [pg 22/48]:

AT&T workers strike:,-ATT-and-the-FCC-1948-1967/,-Computer-Inquiry-II-and-the-Break-up-of-AT&T-1973-1984/

"AT&T Aftermath of Antitrust"

Col. George H. Bolling, US:

[Audio] AT&T Archives: What is the Bell System?:

How AT&T Doubled In Size After A Government Breakup:

Bell System Breakup: 1982 news report examines impact of decision:

[Audio] AT&T Breakup: The Day after in 1984

Long Distance Warrior - The Story of MCI vs Ma Bell

AT&T Archives: The Phone Boom of the 1950's:

Regulating Monopolies: A History of Electricity Regulation - Learn Liberty:

Y2 28) Competition Policy - Monopoly Regulation (14:00) -

[Tips for writing a paper on monopolies]:

The Formation and Regulation of Monopolies (6:21):

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Too Much Information

There's a lot available to learn out there. What do we do with all that we take in? Is it worth recalling? How well do we store this for recollection in the future?

Executive Producers:

Dame Slamy

Kyle of the "Pocket Parley" and "Light Tickle" podcasts

Øystein Berge of the "Mutton, Mead, and Music" podcast

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